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Four Simple Ways to Manage Your Water Use

September 10 2016, 01:37am

Posted by Michael

Proper use of water in your home or for any commercial purposes is very important. If you use water well you will help in the conservation of water and also give your loved ones a great space to enjoy all the necessary benefits of proper usage of water. In case you want to use your water properly there are a number of things that you could practice. Here are some that I have done before.

  • Use home appliances as opposed to manual services. Washing dishes manually would mean leaving the tap to run often. You cannot quantify the amount of water you are using when you choose to wash your dishes or laundry manually. Use an appliance as this will help you to manage your water and avoid any unnecessary wastage that might have occurred had you opted for manual options with your home needs.
  • In case you are going for a long trip for instance a family vacation, or you are leaving the home for office, or say going to be, you should always ensure that all your water outlets including the taps in your home are turned off. Turning them off properly will prevent leaks, water wastage, and also leave you with a peaceful mind. This is the easiest way to control water damages in your home.
  • Do your laundry or dishes only when your machines are full. When you run your washing machine or dish washer when full to capacity study has it that you will save over 5000 gallons of water a year, running your machines when they are half full will consume a lot of water as the frequency of washing will be more and you will run the water that number of times. Full means running the same amount of water only once.
  • If you have a backyard garden, balcony garden, or flower pots across the lawn and you need to water them, do so when the temperatures are on the low. This prevents so much evaporation and will allow you plants to enjoy more moisture. The best time to do this is in the morning or evening hours. However if your gardens are mulched you could water anytime across the day.

Many home owners have also learned some new tricks including harnessing rain water, installing new home appliances including toilets, and doing constant repairs, routine checkups, and maintenances. My plumber in Randolph NJ says this is very necessary. 

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