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The Expert Guide to a Free Flowing Sewer Drain

August 20 2016, 04:51am

Posted by Michael

A clogged sewer drain isn’t cool, period. It could lead to flooding in your home, sewer odor all over the place, and quite unhygienic environment. To keep your drain free from any forms of blockages or clogs you should clean it often. Here is a quick guide that you could use to get the best results from your drain cleaning activities.

Step 1
Understand your drainage system. This is the most important part of unblocking any clogged up drainage system. Our typical drainage systems are made up of several small waste removal pipes that feed directly to the main sewer system. This main line is responsible for taking all the “poop” water out of your home and channeling it into your septic tank or the municipal sewer. At home the small pipes come from the toilets, the sinks, and the shower systems or tubs. Know the layout of your drain system first.

Step 2
Clear all your slow drains. If your drain pipes are slow, chances are there is something that’s blocking them up. This could be trapped in the drain trap or trap arm. Removing the trap arm and cleaning it thoroughly can be a great way to solve the problem. Typically smaller drain pipes will be blocked with debris, wastes, and clogs from the soap. If this one fails you could double up by checking the main line plug or cap. Use a plumber’s snake to do the job thoroughly. And while you snake, run cold water through the pipes to help in breaking clogs.

Step 3
Look through your bathtubs and shower drains. Most drain and sewer clogs are often caused by hair, soap, shampoo, and debris that collect along the pipes and cause clogs. This will get washed through your bathtub systems and shower drains. Because of this you should handle these two independently from the rest. Use a drain stick to drag off the clog and keep your drain system smooth. Drain stick is a long plastic stick with spiked tip. The tip helps to hold the clog and drag out easily. Check this website to learn more about bathtub drain clearing.

Step 4
Contact the expert drain cleaners. Sometimes you will find out that your drain has serious problems that you cannot handle with any of these simple DIY procedures. In this case, calling a professional plumber will be your best medicine. They are well experienced and will use the most ideal drain clearing procedures. Some of the drain clearing procedures that they could use will include the following, sewer jet blasting.

Step 5
Protect your sewer and drain from future blockages. Keeping a plumber on the side to frequently inspect your sewer and drain will be awesome. Using drain cleaning chemicals is another option though very much harmful to the environment.

Sewer jet blasting is very effective. It uses a strong spray of highly pressurized water that’s pumped through your sewer and drain system to force through clogs and leave the pipes flowing freely. Find an expert plumber to perform an effective sewer jet blasting procedure.

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