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Signs That Your Bathroom Needs Plumbing Repair

August 1 2016, 01:17am

Posted by Michael

There is so much that goes on in the bathroom. From hot showers to long showers, full sinks to toilet flushes, the plumbing system needed to keep all these activities running efficiently is under stress.

Although proper use and regular maintenance can extend the life of your bathroom’s plumbing system, here are some of the most common signs that you need to watch out for:

Knocking pipes

If you hear the sound of knocking pipes when filling the tub or running water in the sink, then you have a plumbing problem. This problem could be caused by “water hammer,” which results from high water pressure, loose valves or loose support straps. Pressure above 60 PSI and loose valves have detrimental effects because they cause the water pipes to tweak and change position. If this problem is left unattended to, your pipes may leak or bend.

Low water pressure

If the water pressure in your shower or taps becomes low, it is a sign that your plumbing system needs repair. If you are experiencing this problem, take a plastic bag, fill it with vinegar and tie it over the head of faucet for a couple of hours. If the pressure doesn’t improve, you may want to call a professional plumbing service for help. Low water pressure can cause pipe clogs, leaking pipes and damaged water heater.

Constant dripping

If you have a dripping shower or sink, you have a plumbing problem. Chances are that the water pressure in your pipes is too high or the water that you no longer need after turning of the faucet isn’t drained properly. The valve that controls the taps may also be broken. Although this is a minor issue, continual dripping is annoying and can damage your plumbing system permanently if not attended to on time.

Slow drainage

Slow drainage is a common problem in many homes, but you can fix it by pouring hot water down the drain, using a pipe snake. However, if these tricks don’t work, it’s possible that your drainage system has a problem. You may be having a broken pipe or water may have pooled in the main line. Still water has a health risk whereas broken pipes will cause mold behind your walls.

Water doesn’t stay hot

If you use too much water from your water tank too quickly, you will have for more water to heat up. That’s normal. However, if you are turning the shower on for the first time and the water is cold, you have a plumbing problem that need to be addressed by a plumber service Jersey City nj.

Last but not least, the color of your water. Water running out of your taps should be clear. If the water has a different color then you need to hire a plumbing repair service. Cloudy or white water means there is air in your pipes whereas yellow, brown or red water means your water pipes have rust.

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