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Where to Purchase LOL accounts

February 28 2015, 00:45am

Posted by Michael

he hottest multi player online game is continually hitting the virtual world.  People from different age group are engrossed with this game basically because of the affinity that they can have with the character they are portraying in the said game.  This game has over 123 champions that the player could choose from and the game would depend on the type of style each champion play.  The important thing that makes this game interesting is the wide variety of ways wherein you could play and go up the ranks during the entire game.  This can be through the purchase of league of legends accounts.  To make the game more interesting, the influence points are being earned by playing the game, but to add spice and more excitement each player has the power to earn Riot Points by buying it.  This is where the different LOL account comes into play.

There are also a variety of LOL accounts that could be purchased in the market depending on the number of Riot points that you would want to be added to your account.  There is an available account which is a Level 30 EUNE LoL account that starts at €12.99which is a package of 20,000 plus IP.  The much higher account at 39.99 has 100,000 plus IP.  This kind of account has a total of 100-400 Riot Points.  One of the accounts which is highly purchased because of the additional lifetime refund guarantee is the Level 30 EUW LoL Account which has 22,000-28,000 +IP only at €17.99.  The Level 30 LoLaccounts on the other hand is the highest priced at $39.99 for the 20,000 plus IP and, $44.99, and $54.99 with the following inclusion: 30,000+IP and 50,000+IP respectively.  The accounts that you purchase is very safe and you will be able to register your own email and change the password such that I would seem like you were the one who set up the said account.  This account will able to help you set up and build your game and continue to move up the ranks in the undisputed online gaming sensation.

This is the biggest trend in online gaming and not only will you be able to move faster in the different levels through the skills and expertise that you have developed in playing the game, it would also help to know the different alternatives that you could employ. With this, you have all the reasons to buy LOL account.

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