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The First Home Care Establishment

January 5 2015, 05:56am

Posted by Michael

The first home care establishment can be traced back to the early eleventh century in Europe. Home care establishments are usually called hospice in the old days. Now, the term has evolved from hospice, to now the commonly known as nursing homes or hospitals. From the word itself, you would now get what kind of establishment a home care is. A home care establishment like Ottawa Home Care is a place where they focus on taking care of those terminally ill, chronically ill or seriously ill patients. The home care establishments are very popular in the West. However, because of the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, the first home care establishments evolved from caring only for the sick but also for those who are travelling and pilgrims. Also, these home care establishments do not only care for the physical well-being of their patients but also the emotional and spiritual health.

As mentioned earlier, the first home care establishment emerged in Europe during the 11th century, during the rise of the Crusade movement of the Roman Catholic Church. During the Crusade, many soldiers and civilians were wounded and dying due to war. So the first home care establishment or hospice was dedicated for the treatment of ill and dying crusaders. As the Crusade came to an end, at the 14th century, the hospices evolved to becoming a refuge for travellers aside from giving care for the sick and the dying. When the religious orders became unpopular during the Middle Ages, the home care establishments were now run my non-religious people, making it more open for the public. Soon after, many home care establishments emerged in other countries, like London, France, Australia and the US.

In the modern times, there is also a rising modern Ottawa Home Care establishment philosophy. The home care establishments in the past was only for the caring of the physical health and for the Roman Catholic home care, including the spiritual health, the modern home care establishments now embrace the total pain philosophy. This philosophy was first introduced by a registered nurse, Cicely Saunders. While she was caring for a patient, she realized that patients all need compassion and care aside from physical care, because these patients also have many fears and concerns regarding their health. That is why, the modern home care establishments like ottawa retirement homes not only offers physical comforts because of the physical pain brought about by the disease but also psychological and spiritual care.

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