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How We Modified Our Home To Contain My Aging Mom

January 5 2015, 04:14am

Posted by Michael

With a senior in your home, certain modifications will usually be done to ensure that your senior loved ones have the best environment. The same applied when my mother moved in to live with me after her retirement. In fact together with my family we had to change a number of things within our lives to ensure that she had an ideal lifestyle too. Some of the things that we had to adjust included the following.

Firstly we had to create a private room for my aging mom to use like Senior Home Care Ottawa suggests. Being a senior having her privacy was going to be quite ideal.

We created a bed that was easy to climb onto and out of for her. Again we set up an ideal closet in the room that would only contain her clothes.

This was to ensure that no one would rush into the room from time to time and interfere with her. Another thing that this was to do was to ensure that everything that was in the room was always arranged for her to easily get them without much stress.

Again we decided to clear up all the hallways within the house for easier movements, ideally to ensure that my mom was not exposed to fall prone circumstances. And also to ensure easier movement for her wheel chair.

With hallways and movement passages cleared it was time to remove any slippery rags, and also other objects such as extension cords that would lead to tumbles, and falls.

Yet again when it came to the lighting points, we modified them and brought them a little on the lower end so that my mom would access them easily even when she was tired and didn’t want to stand from her wheel chair.

Also we had to follow the senior’s living codes from the Ottawa Home Care that helped us to ensure her bathroom was fixed with ramps to help her with movement while using them

Again we also had her toilet raised so that she wouldn’t have to strain so much when in need of its use. In addition to that we had to fix the bathroom with a bathing bench just like it’s done with the home care solutions so that it would be easier for her to bath and support herself.

Another thing that we found to be quite ideal was to set my mom’s medicine cabinet far off from other within her room. This was to prevent her from mixing her medications with her cosmetics.

But as one of the most ideal home care solutions we had to fix our clocks to remind my mom of her workout schedule with the ideal care provider from Senior Home Care Ottawa.

Ideally timing was vital to everyone in the home and so was it in ensuring that meals were always prepared in time for every family member’s comfort and more sore with my senior mom in mind.

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